You Found Your Perfect Apartment; Now What?

After looking at a few apartments, you’ve finally found the one. You’ve asked all your questions; is there parking? Who deals with trash? What’s included in the rent? What deposits do I need to move in?4582W50d4d626042a0

Now, what’s your next move?

The application. You’ll get an application from your agent (maybe me?). But that’s not all you’ll need. There’s always an application fee, and that depends on the company you’re working with. Sometimes it’s $20 per person, sometimes it can cost up to $50 per person.

You’ll also need a copy of your photo ID (any government-issued photo ID will work), and a copy of your most recent pay stub, although two past pay stubs are always good too.

You’ll give the fully filled out application (don’t forget to sign it!), and the copies of your ID and pay stubs to your agent. They’ll run your credit, talk with the landlord, and decide if they’ll accept your application.

If they do accept you (awesome news!), you’ll need to find out who you make the deposit checks out to (most landlords require that all deposits be in a cashier’s check or money order), and set up a time to drop off the checks and sign the lease.

Once the lease is signed and depending on when your move-in date is, you’ll receive the keys to your new apartment!

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to leave a comment, or contact me any time.

Peace, Love & Calm Seas;


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